Good copywriting understands your business. Great copywriting sees into its soul.Great copywriting sees into its soul.

Giving your business the final wordfinal word

In a world where people buy from people, words have the power to make or break your business. So why should premium copywriting be exclusive to multi-million-pound brands?

Founded in 2020 by Rachel Nott, NottCopy was created to offer a superior breed of copywriting to growing UK businesses. Copy that harnesses the power of words to bring you the same confidence, energy and passion of leading global brands — minus the six-figure price tag.

Our close-knit team of top notch copywriters are from all walks of life, but united by a simple belief: that every business has a story to tell. We’ll help tell yours.

Copywriters, assemble!

Three years since her journey began, Rachel’s one-man-band has transformed into a top-notch team of copywriting talent, hand-selected from across the UK.

Our mission is clear: delivering winning words for outside-the-box brands ready to make their mark on the world. Across websites, blogs, brochures, banner ads, socials and everything in-between, we’ll create a distinct brand voice that your market craves – and your bottom line loves.

Meet Rachel Nott: superstar wordsmith, bonafide cat-lady, and Nott Copy founderNottCopy founder

Rachel first discovered her literary flair at the tender age of seven, when she became the proud author of Journey to Mount Ziras. Packed full of adventure and starring no less than five talking dinosaurs, it met critical acclaim from her Mum, Dad and Grandma.

Now a certified copywriter and brand voice specialist, Rachel’s crafted more high-converting, SEO-focused business websites than you could shake a stick at. And as it turns out, she’s pretty good at it.

Rachel’s ethos is simple: understand the heart of a business, and the words will write themselves. It’s the foundation on which NottCopy is built – and why our clients and partners tend to stick around.

And yes, her mum is very proud.

Meet our partners

We partner with the best designers, developers, SEO, marketing and branding specialists to make your copy pop, and your ROI sing.

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