Brand messagingmessaging

Inspire your prospects (and your people) with a clear brand mission, purpose and vision
Define the brand values that set you apart from the rest
Build trust and loyalty with a consistent brand voice
Grow your client base with memorable brand storytelling

Build trust with
brand consistency

We’ll say it before and we’ll say it again: buyers trust what they know. So when it comes to growing your brand, consistency is key.

By developing a clear brand identity, we’ll help you build and maintain consistency across all your business communications.

The result? An authentic, recognisable brand persona, deeper prospect connections, and a whole new world of loyal clients.

Laser-focused differentiation

In a marketplace more crowded than a can of tuna, differentiating yourself
from your competitors is essential to business success.

That’s why we always start with what sets you apart. Throughout your brand
messaging workshop, we’ll identify and refine the story, values and passion
that make your business truly unique.

Word on the webthe street

Kind reviews from our awesome clients.

Rachel wrote the copy for my website recently and did a truly amazing job. She started with a consultation to learn about my business and to ensure that she could tailor the copy to exactly what I wanted and needed. From start to finish she has been very thorough, responsive and professional. I’d highly recommend her services. Thanks again Rachel!

Jack McCormack

Rachel has worked with us over the last 6 months. She has focussed in on understanding our  customers and our business and the quality and quantity of her work has been really good. I would definitely recommend her as she is very can-do too, with a great attitude and work ethic.

Lina Howarth

We've been working with Rachel throughout this year for reviewing website content and developing Blogs. The quality of the copywriting is great and Rachel has been good at researching technical subjects and translating this information for the general public to easily comprehend.

Allan Brown

We worked with Rachel on creating a detailed tone of voice guide for our brand. She spent a lot of time really getting to understand the business and the sessions she ran were really enjoyable. The end product was really amazing, something we are very proud of and will bring a huge ROI in our marketing.

Luke Desmond

Does your copy make the cut? your copy make the cut?

Are your words working hard for your business? Or simply filling space? Put your content to the test with our free Business of Copy Checklist.

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Your complete brand messaging toolbox.toolbox

From inspiring stories to powerful statements — we’ve got everything you need to create a distinctive and meaningful brand presence.

Your brand purpose,
vision & mission

What does your business want to achieve? How will you get there? And why does it matter? Create solid foundations for your brand with our powerful positioning statements.

Your brand

Working closely with you and your team, we’ll craft an inspirational brand story that highlights your uniqueness, embodies your values, and develops emotional connections with your prospects.

Your brand values

A whopping 77% of buyers favour brands that share their values. By defining and strengthening yours, we’ll help you establish this brand loyalty for the long-run.

Your USPs

It’s a brand-packed world out there. Why should your prospects choose yours? Working closely with you, we’ll find out what really makes you different  – and give you the words to share it with your prospects.

Our words in actionwords in action

From vintage toy shops to pest controllers, we’ve helped hundreds of brilliant businesses get their message heard. Explore our work in action here.

Buildsmith Solution

SEO website copywriting

Cheeky chappy Leo Scarborough – aka The Buildsmith – is one of a kind. His unique offering helps property investors and high-end homeowners escape nightmare builds, protect their budget, and secure their ROI.

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Crisp Accountancy

Tone of Voice Guidelines

Enter Crisp Accountancy: a young, ambitious team providing a breath of fresh air in the (notoriously dry) accountancy market. They needed a consistent tone of voice that clients could relate to - and that reflected their values.

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Tone of voice guidelines & website copywriting

Looking to rebrand their ethical online jewellery boutique, the talented founders of Lore, Anna Burke and Annabel Zicker, approached us for help. Their curation of beautiful pieces required a clear brand story, top-notch web copy and clear tone of voice guidelines.

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