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The key principles behind your brand voice, and how to apply them
Practical do’s and don’ts when writing for your brand
Examples of your brand voice in action

What is brand voice, anyway?

Your brand’s tone is not just the type of language you use. It’s the length of your sentences, the way the language flows, the humour (if any), and its rhythm and pace.

Your brand voice defines who you are and what you stand for. It’s what draws people in, or pushes them away. It’s what gives people that warm fuzzy feeling when they interact with your brand (or if done badly, the notorious ‘ick’).

We’re here to ensure your voice not only gets heard, but attracts the right people to your business.

How does it work?

During your 2-hour tone-of-voice workshop, we’ll explore your target audience (who you’re talking to), your brand personality (who you are as a company), the values you hold (your core beliefs), and what makes you different (your USPs).

From here, our brand voice experts will craft detailed tone of voice guidelines, including your key principles, clear do’s and don'ts, and how to apply these guidelines across all your brand communications.

Does your copy make the cut?your copy make the cut?

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Word on the webthe street

Kind reviews from our awesome clients.

Rachel wrote the copy for my website recently and did a truly amazing job. She started with a consultation to learn about my business and to ensure that she could tailor the copy to exactly what I wanted and needed. From start to finish she has been very thorough, responsive and professional. I’d highly recommend her services. Thanks again Rachel!

Jack McCormack

Rachel has worked with us over the last 6 months. She has focussed in on understanding our  customers and our business and the quality and quantity of her work has been really good. I would definitely recommend her as she is very can-do too, with a great attitude and work ethic.

Lina Howarth

We've been working with Rachel throughout this year for reviewing website content and developing Blogs. The quality of the copywriting is great and Rachel has been good at researching technical subjects and translating this information for the general public to easily comprehend.

Allan Brown

We worked with Rachel on creating a detailed tone of voice guide for our brand. She spent a lot of time really getting to understand the business and the sessions she ran were really enjoyable. The end product was really amazing, something we are very proud of and will bring a huge ROI in our marketing.

Luke Desmond

It’s all in the tonetone

This all sounds dandy. But how can your tone of voice guidelines bring more business to your business?

Trust in the tone

People don’t just buy from people; they buy from people they know, like and trust. Defining and maintaining a consistent brand tone tells your audience exactly what to expect – so they feel safe in your hands.

Your custom-built sales magnet

A consistent and authentic brand voice is the mark of a powerful brand. Investing in your tone of voice is one of the easiest ways you can strengthen your brand, increase your sales and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Get ahead of the game

Most small businesses don’t invest in tone of voice guidelines. So, why bother? Because most SMEs also don’t have a clear, consistent brand voice that sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. By bucking the trend, you’re already ten steps ahead of your competitors.

Speak from the heart

Your business is unique, your tone should be too. Developing an authentic brand voice that is true to your values and vision will engage your customers and develop business relationships. It’s why we’ll always start with what matters most to you, your team and your clients.

Our word in actionaction

From marketing agencies to osteopaths, we’ve helped hundreds of brilliant businesses get their message heard. Explore our work in action here.

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