October 4, 2023

5 reasons why you need a professional website copywriter, pronto!

What does a website copywriter bring to your business? Explore these 5 important reasons why your website needs a professional website copywriter

What difference can a professional website copywriter make? Envisage this: you’ve got a website, chosen your key images, even picked a jazzy-looking font. The only thing missing is the right words to drive sales forward. 

Your instinct is to start typing. But will your words have the ability to convert clicks to customers? 

If your copy doesn’t convey your brand’s message, speak to your target client and grab attention in just a few seconds, all that hard work on your web design is lost - and your conversion rate damaged. 

In a storm of digital noise, a professional website copywriter is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity. Here’s why.   

1. They’re really, really persuasive (but subtly!).

When it comes to the art of persuasion, a good website copywriter has it nailed.

Think of them as your invisible salesperson. Only, not the kind that approach you unexpectedly, wave their hands around, talk your ear off and BOOM! You’re the proud new owner of that pressure cooker you never knew you needed. They’re way more subtle than that.

Copywriters have one job: to sell your content with their words. By approaching each webpage as a written conversation, your prospective clients immediately feel welcomed. Put simply, good website copywriting makes choosing your product over your competitors a no-brainer.  

And with their qualifications and experience behind them, they’ll use plain text to make your online content sound super fancy. Like, casually sipping a martini at a black-tie event fancy. 

 2. Website copywriters know their stuff (or can find it out).

There’s no way anyone can know your business as well as you do. But a decent website copywriter will come a close second. In fact, by the time they’re done, you’ll need a photo-finish to see the difference. 

A professional website copywriter needs to know a lot about your industry very quickly. Luckily, they are also masters of research. They’ll quickly discover what they need to know to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

The result? Website copywriting that sounds exactly like your business, just with a bit more zing.  

3. They speak both human and algorithm.

We all know the wealth of website information is huge. But when you’re staring out into the wide-open expanse of online content, a good website copywriter launches a flare to help your business stand out. 

How? They understand algorithms. They know how to ensure your website appears when a client is searching for your service. And they’ll do it in their fluent, seamless style. 

Which is really good news! No more cramming in awkward keywords to please the computer. Just solid, readable content that delights and delivers. 

 4. A website copywriter is a lesser-spotted, magical species.

Sure, finding a copywriter can be straightforward. A decent copywriter? Harder. A decent website copywriter? Well now you’re looking for someone really special. 

Why? Website copywriting is complex. That means your website copywriter is multitalented. They’ll balance copy with design, evaluate your content hierarchy, evaluate your UX, make your copy easy to scan-read…the list goes on.  

Plus, they have been known to say everything you need in ten words or fewer. Basically, they’re word wizards. Wizards with a keyboard, rather than a magic wand, but wizards nonetheless. 

5. They understand how design works - and your UX

Even if you consider yourself a top-notch writer, website content is a different beast. Why? It’s not just about the words and phrasing. It’s about how those particular words fit into your website design. 

Which content is most valuable? Which are the key messages? How can the right content fit seamlessly into the parameters of your website design? Where is each phrase leading the reader to next? 

That’s a lot to think about.

Fret not! With a website copywriter, they evaluate and craft their words to fit your exact website specification. They’ll create the journey that takes your future clients from their first glance at your page to that all important “buy now” click. 

Legend has it, a website copywriter hears those “buy now” clicks from wherever they are in the world. A little fuzzy feel-good. Their words did their job. 

A quality website copywriter brings your website to life

With foolproof strategies to capture, connect and convert, a professional website copywriter will take your website to the next level. 

If your website isn’t delivering the returns you need, it’s time for a rethink. 

That’s where great web copywriting teams like those at Nott Copy come in. We don’t just write words for your website – we craft on-brand, SEO-focused, high-converting copy that gets businesses more traffic, more prospects and more sales. 

In short, our words make you money.

Drop us a message or book a Discovery Call to find out how.